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Installed capacity of wind power generation at the end of 2019: 3,923 MW, 2,414 units

JWPA announces the installed capacity of wind power generation in Japan as of the end of December 2019.
They are surveyed by the JWPA.

The cumulative installed capacity at the end of December, 2019
= 3,654 MW, 2,310 units, 457 sites
Net new installation for 2019 (January-December)
= 270 MW, 104 units, 17 sites

The annual new installation has slightly increased from 261 MW in 2019.
The moratorium caused by Japanese time consuming Environmental Impact assessment (EIA) still continues.

But, 270 MW annual installation is the highest in Japanese history.
Over 29.16 GW of projects are in the EIA process. They will get ready for construction within 5-7 years.
13.98 GW of them are offshore wind projects.

And, 7.178 GW of projects got FIT approval by June 2019.
277 MW of them are offshore wind projects.

As for offshore wind,

The cumulative installed offshore capacity at the end of December, 2019;
65.6 MW, 29 units, 7 sites ,including semi-offshore
21,4 MW, 6 units, 4 sites, excluding semi-offshore
19 MW, 5 units, 3 sites, floating offshore
Net new installation for 2019 (January-December)
1 MW, 0 units, 0 sites
One 3MW floating turbine supported by NEDO at Kitakyushu, Fukuoka pref. started operation in May 2019.
One 2MW fixed bottom turbine at Kitakyushu was decommissioned in Oct. 2019.

o new offshore wind turbines start operation in Japan 2018.
is under commissioning 15 km offshore at Kitakyushu, Fukuoka pref.
It will start official operation early in 2019.

11 candidate sea area are selected by METTI&MLIT in July 2019, according to new offshore promoting law.
4 of them are nominated as "priority sea area".
And, Goto in Nagasaki pref. was officially selected as the 1st promoting sea are in Dec.2019.