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JWPA requests Japanese government to legislate a new law for offshore wind power promotion

JWPA requested Japanese government to legislate a new law for offshore wind power promotion on 21 Dec. 2017.
Our president Mr. Manabu Takamoto visited government offices (Cabinet, MLIT, METI) and handed over JWPA request paper.

JWPA's request: To make a new law for using "General common sea area" for offshore wind power development
一般海域の利用に関する根拠法の整備について(お願い)(in Japanese)

There are several barriers at offshore wind power development in Japan.
The largest one is the lack of applicable law for so-called "General common sea area".
So, we request to solve the following 3 problems.

1) Guarantee long term (such as 30 years) occupation right for offshore wind power development.
2) Make it clear the rule for selecting the winner of the offshore wind developer.
(Such as introducing bidding system.)
3) Harmonize the regarding regulations such as EIA, grid connection, etc.. (So-called "Central system" in Netherlands.)

Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) had amended "Port and Harbor law" for offshore wind power at "Port associated sea area" in May 2016. It promoted many offshore wind power projects near ports now.
"General common sea area" is much broader and it has much larger potential, ie.100GW.
JWPA expects that Japanese government releases a new law for "General common sea area" at the ordinary session of the Diet in next Jan..

This ceremony at MLIT office was reported by many TVs and newspapers.

JWPA requested ILIT to make a new law for offshore wind power promotion.
日本風力発電協会、国交省に要望書 洋上風力の法整備求める(in Japanese) on 21 Dec. by Nikkei newspaper

(News movie in Japanese) on 21 Dec. by ANN News Movie
- Note: Mr. Masatoshi Akimoto, Parliamentary vice-minister in the MLIT, said "We accept your request heavily" in this news movie. It means positive answer in Japanese political words (ie. MILT takes action to make a new law).
Mr. Akimoto is also the executive director of the LDP’s renewable energy promoting parliamentarians.

Japanese Wind Power Association calls on Japanese Government, on 22 Dec. by 4C Offshore

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Japan to set rules for offshore wind power generation, on 9 Jan.2018 by The Japan Times