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Japanese METI starts new committee for planning new energy vision

Japanese government settle long term energy vision every 3 years. The next vision shall be declared in 2018.
METI starts new committee called "Energy situation roundtable" to examine the direction of long-term energy policy for 2050. The first meeting shall be held on 30 Aug. 2017.

Japanese METI starts new committee for planning new energy vision, on 1 Aug.2017 by METI
「総合資源エネルギー調査会基本政策分科会」を開催し「エネルギー情勢懇談会」を新たに設置します(in Japanese)

The 1st Energy situation roundtable is held on 30 Aug.2017
エネルギー情勢懇談会(第1回)(平成29年8月30日(水))(in Japanese)
METI's understanding of the current energy situation
エネルギー情勢を巡る状況変化(in Japanese)

METI(ANRE Aency of Natural Resources and Energy) has pointed out 3 problems for wind power in Japan.
ー Wind power cost in Japan (22JPY/kWh) is 2 times higher than world average (10JPY/kWh).
- Wind power industry(leading company size) in Japan is very week. (Hirachi's WTG division is 1/80 of Vestas)
- Grid stability

They are the conclusion of previous meeting.