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Japanese Ministerial Conference offers action plan for renewable energy promotion

Accelerate the environmental impact assessment for wind power and promote offshore wind development

- Japanese government re-organized “Ministerial Conference for renewable energy” to “Ministerial Conference for renewable energy & hydrogen” from fiscal year 2017.

- The 1st committee for FY2017 was held on 11 April.

- Prime Minister Mr. Shinzo Abe also attended. (You can see the picture in the URL below)
- “Inter ministry action plan for renewable energy promotion” was offered.

- As for wind power,
1. Accelerate the environmental impact assessment for wind power
風力、地熱の環境アセスメントの迅速化、導入促進に向けたエリアの設定 等の支援
Reduce the required period by half from 4 to 2 years, after FY2019. (METI & MOE are in charge)
Assign the promoting area for wind power. Research zoning method for FY2017-2019. ()MOE, METI, MAFF, and MILT are in charge)
5. Promote offshore wind power
Fix the rule for General common sea area in FY2017. (METI,Cabinet Secretary, MILT, MAFF and MOE are in charge)
Promote offshore wind power at Port associated area. Fix the rule for structural strength assessment in FY2017, fix the O&M method in FY2018. (MILT&METI are in charge)
Make it clear for jack-up ship operation rules in FY2017&2018. (METI, MILT, Cabinet secretary are in charge)