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Japanese METI&MLIT hold government-industry dialogue for offshore wind

The Japanese government (METI & MLIT) has announced that it will hold a public-private dialogue committee for promoting offshore wind power in th…
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Japan announced 4 Offshore Wind Promoting Zone

Japanese government (METI& MLIT) has announced 4 Offshore Wind Promoting Zone for FY2020.
(It is for the auction for the "General Common Sea Are…
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Japan starts offshore wind auction for Goto in Nagasaki

Japanese METI(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and MLIT(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) start auction for Goto s…
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Decommissioning work for Fukushima 7MW floating wind turbine has started.

Japanese METI had decided to decommission the 7MW floating turbine due to its poor performance in FY2019.
METI made auction and Consortium of Yo…
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FIT for FY2020 is announced by METI

Japanese METI/ANRE announced FIT prices for fiscal year 2020.
It will be applied for projects approved after April 2020.

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