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Japanese Diets approves offshore wind promotion law

Japanese both Diets has approved new offshore wind promotion law at noon on 30 Nov.2018.
Some supplementary resolutions are added by the Diet di…
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Wind turbines in Japan suffered by typhoons and earthquakea (and winter lightning)

Two strong typhoons and one huge earthquake attacked Japan in Aug. and Sep. 2018.

Typhoon Cimarron (Category 3 by SSHS) fell down one MHI 600…
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NEDO's new floating 2 bladed wind turbine completed at Kitakyushu port

Rev. The floating turbine has been anchored 15km offshore from Kitakyushu city and under commissioning work.
NEDO will announce the officia…
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NEDO's new floater set sail from Osaka/Sakai to Kitakyushu

NEDO's barge type floating body, "Hibiki" of a floating offshore wind power generation system for experiments was towed by the five tugboats in t…
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JWPA celebrates Global Wind Day in 2018

The JWPA celebrates our 11th Wind Day, since the 1st off-European Wind Day at Yokohama in 2008.
The accumulated GWD events in Japan exceed 150 w…
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