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Installed capacity of wind power generation at the end of 2013: 2,661 MW, 1,922 units

JWPA announces the installed capacity of wind power generation in Japan as of the end of December 2013(surveyed by JWPA) and the estimated data f…
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Two Floating Wind Turbines Start Operation in Japan

Japanese government has conducted two floating wind turbine demonstration projects by MOE and METI. Their two 2MW floating wind turbines started …
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Japanese METI chose two SPCs for northern grid line extension for wind power development

METI has decided to build new grid lines at northern Japan called Hokkaido and Tohoku so as to use plenty of wind resources there. It will take a…
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Japan celebrates Global Wind Day by 12 events

GWEC and EWEA have specify “15 June” as “Global Wind Day” and have held many celebrating events all over the world. It started as “European Wind …
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Purchase price of wind energy for FY2013 newcomers will be the same as FY2012 price.

On March 29, 2013, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) determined FY2013 purchase prices for newcomers and FY2013 surcharge rates …
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