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Equipment and Service for Wind Observation and Detailed Investigation of the Wind

We have been offering cooperation in providing low-cost service for detailed investigation of the wind since the start in 1995 of the NEDO field test project on wind power generation

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In line with the larger size and scale of wind power facilities, observation altitude in the domestic criteria for detailed investigation of the wind changed from the original 20 m to 30 m above the ground, and then it further increased 40 m to 50 m and advanced in content from FY 2005.

Wind observation sites are usually located where traffic is inconvenient and where a remote automatic data collection service via mobile telephone networks is also received well.

We are offering products to meet various needs for observation with quick delivery.

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Elevator for Wind Power Tower

Small, lightweight, and easy- to-carry foolproof machine, Fail-safe design with dual braking systems, Inexpensive price. Please use this product for tower maintenance and luggage transfer.

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