Joining the Association

Can overseas companies join the Japan Wind Power Association?

Overseas companies can join the Association provided that

  1. at least one person in the company can communicate in Japanese; and that
  2. the company has an office in Japan.
I want to know how to join the Association.

Please see the following information on membership procedures (in Japanese only):
Please confirm that your company fulfills the conditions for membership of non-Japanese companies.
For more information on Association membership and required procedures, please see the Japanese FAQ.

What are the benefits of membership?

Access to the latest information and trends in the industry.
Access via weekly email bulletins to the latest industry news from Japan and the wider world, as well as information on relevant councils, events, etc.
Priority participation in workshops and seminars, etc. organized by the Association.
Access to information from the Association's journal and exclusive "Members Page."

How can I pay membership fees?

The Association will send a digital invoice, payable by bank transfer. (Transfer fees to be paid by the member applicant.)
Since September 2023, all invoices are issued in digital format.

Divisions and Committees

What divisions does the Association have?

Please see the "Activities of Divisions" page:

Can we participate in the activities of divisions?

Participation is open to regular members only. Associate members and local government members are not eligible to take part.

Is it possible to participate in multiple divisions?

Eligibility varies according to membership level, as follows.
Regular members class SA, SB: No limitations
Regular members class A: Maximum of 5 divisions
Regular members class B: Maximum of 2 divisions Regular members class C: Maximum of 1 division
Associate members and local government members are not eligible to participate in division activities.
Up to two individuals from a member organization may take part.
Please see the link below for more details
Membership fees and privileges

About the "Members Page"

I don’t know my user ID/password to access the “Members Page.”

Please ask your contact person at the Association or contact us via the "Contact Form" page.
The "Members Page" is available in Japanese only.
The "Contact Form" page can be found here

Data on wind power

I want to know about wind power projects already implemented in Japan.

(Post-revision text) Please consult the xx page at the following link:

Is it possible to obtain an Excel sheet with details of wind power projects already implemented in Japan?

We provide data on wind power projects already implemented in Japan as a PDF file for JWPS member only.


I want to invite a representative to speak at a seminar/workshop on wind power.

Please contact us through the "Contact form" page on this website.
The "Inquiry Form" page can be found here

I am looking for companies that might be interested in doing business with my company or using our technology.

The Association is unable to provide referrals or to select and recommend individual businesses in the sector.

I am looking for someone to write a magazine article or book.

Please contact us through the "Contact" page on this website.
The "Inquiry Form" page can be found here

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