Statement from JWPA on bribery allegations related to offshore wind power

Japan Wind Power Association 

President Jin Kato 


With regard to the bribery allegations related to the offshore wind power generation that have been reported recently, some media have reported that we are involved in the bribery allegations mentioned above, but this is not true.  

We have confirmed the facts within our association, and we have not found that any of our officers or employees were involved in this corruption case.  Since its inception, all of our activities and representations to the public have been conducted after sufficient discussion and approval by the Board of Directors, Policy Subcommittees, and other member activity organizations.  Therefore, our activities are not influenced by the intentions of any particular officer or employee or the corporation to which he or she belongs.

 We are committed to ensuring the fairness and transparency of our activities and making every effort to develop the industry.  We appreciate your understanding.