Installed capacity of wind power generation at the end of 2021: 4,581 MW,143 MW/year annually

JWPA announces the installed capacity of wind power generation in Japan as of the end of December 2021.
They are surveyed by the JWPA.

The cumulative installed capacity at the end of December, 2021 = 4,581 MW, 2,574 units Gross new installation for 2021 (January-December) = 211 MW, 87 units, 16 sites Net new installation for 2021 (January-December) = 143 MW, 23 units Decommission for 2021 (January-December) = 68 MW, 64 units

The annual new installation has decreased from 516 MW in 2021.
Few large wind farms are start operation in 2021.
But, about 700MW of projects are under construction and will be start operation in 2022.

As for offshore wind,
The cumulative installed offshore capacity at the end of December, 2021;
51.6 MW, 26 units, 6 sites ,including semi-offshore
7.4 MW, 3 units, 3 sites, excluding semi-offshore
5 MW, 2 units, 2 sites, floating offshore Net new installation for 2021 (January-December)
-7 MW, -2 units, 1 sites
Remained 2MW & 5MW floating turbines at Fukushima was decommissioned in 2021.
No new offshore wind turbines start operation in Japan 2021.

For Port Associated Area, monopile foundation for Akita(55MW) and
Noshiro(88MW) port projects were installed in 2021.
They will start operation in 2022.

For General Common Sea Area auction, the winners were announced for 4 projects in 2021.
Toda Co. Group:
- Goto, Nagasaki pref. (floating) : 16.8 MW (Hitachi 2.1MW x 8 units on spar type floater) by Mitsubishi Co, & C Tech (subsidiary company of Chubu Electric Power Co.)
- Noshiro-Mitabe-Oga, Akita pref. (fixed bottom) : 478.8 MW (GE 12.6MW x 38 units. Start operation by Dec.2028)
- Yurihonjo-North, Akita pref. (fixed bottom) : 819 MW (GE 12.6MW x 65 units. Start operation by Dec.2030)
- Choshi, Chiba pref. (fixed bottom) : 390.6 MW (GE 12.6MW x 31 units. Start operation by Sep.2028) One more project is in auction process now. Its winner will be announced in 2022.
- Happou-cho, Akita pref. (fixed bottom) : about 350 MW And, more 17 areas are in the nomination process for auction.

Japanese government has expected 10GW(by approval) / 5.7GW(in operation) by 2030.