【Full thanks】Global Offshore Wind Summit-Japan 2021 (GOWSJ-2021)

【This event is full. There will be no new reception on the day of the event.】

The first Global Offshore Wind Summit-Japan is held for 7th to 8th October 2021 at Kitakyushu City in Fukuoka pref. Kitakyushu port is nominated as offshore wind power base port by MLIT and the construction work for “Hibikinada offshore wind farm (220MW)” starts from FY2022. This event is co-hold by GWEC, JWPA and Kitakyushu city. We will hold this event both physically and virtually and send it to the whole world. Lots of informative sessions, exhibits, and online deals are available.

Not only those involved in the offshore wind industry in Japan, but also those involved in the offshore wind industry around the world who are planning to enter the Japanese market will participate in this event. Stakeholders will discuss and cooperate in face-to-face or online with new technologies for offshore wind power development and issues unique to Japan. Please experience this wonderful event in Japan. (JWPA: Japan Wind Power Association)

GOWSJ-2021 Web site : https://gows-j.com/en/index.html

Now, Japan's offshore wind power has begun to move !
In Oct. 2020, Japanese Government has announced to achieve “Carbon Neutral by 2050" against the global warming. The offshore wind power is nominated as the most effective industry to achieve it, and the government intends to raise up this new industry. “Public-Private Council on Enhancement of Industrial Competitiveness for Offshore Wind Power Generation” is jointly organized by Japanese government (including Ministers of METI and MLIT) and core industry members (CEOs of electric powers, construction companies, etc.). It is just like “Sector Deal” in UK.

Ambitious target, “10GW by 2030 and 30-45GW by 2040” is announced by METI in the "Vision for Offshore Wind Power Industry (1st)" at the 2nd council on 15 Dec. 2020.
The first offshore wind power auction in general sea area (so-called “Round 1”) has been conducted and 1st winner at Goto area in Nagasaki pref. is announced on 11 June 2021. The other winners at Akita and Choshi area are to be announced coming Nov. 2021.