Resignation of President

Following the announcement by Japan Renewable Energy Corporation on February21, 2024 of the dismissal of Mr. Shigeru Yasu from the position of Chairman, Mr.Yasu offered to resign from the JWPA Board of Directors on the same date, which we accepted.

The JWPA has established the “Review Committee on the Decision-Making and Activities of JWPA” (JWPA Review Committee), and is currently conducting discussions with the aim of creating a new JWPA that can meet the demands of the times and the expectations of society, as well as review JWPA's activities. It is extremely regrettable that such a breach of respect for human rights and compliance was committed by a board member, who represents the association.

JWPA takes this matter seriously and intends to put in place a compliance-oriented system, including the appointment of new board members and the dissemination of the Code of Conduct.

The new President will be announced as soon as it has been decided.