The 2nd meeting of the Council for Government-Industry Dialogue for offshore wind

The 2nd meeting of the Council for Government-Industry Dialogue for offshore wind in Japan was held on 15 Dec., 2020 in Tokyo with attendance of the government officials including ministers of both METI and MLIT and the executives representing the Japan’s wind industry.

The Council, after active discussion, approved the “Offshore Wind Industry Vision (1st version)”.

The Council agreed to set the following major targets.
1.Introduction Target set by the government
- 10GW by 2030
- 30 to 45GW by 2040
2.Target set by the industry
- Japan content : 60% by 2040
- Cost Reduction : 8 to 9 JPY/kWh by 2030 to 2035 (Net Generation Cost)
Note: All above targets shall be counted based on approved projects under the so-called FIT law.

The basic strategy of this vision are ;
1.Creating an attractive domestic offshore wind power market
2.Promoting investment and raising up domestic supply chain
3.Developing next-generation technology and enhancement of international cooperation aiming at Asian market

For realizing above strategy, Japan intends to develop ;
- Japanese version Central System (government to be involved from the planning stages of projects in order to secure efficient, fair and transparent auctions)
- Master plan for expansion of electrical network including the study of HVDC
- Base ports with appropriate functions and specifications
- Raising up human resources required for offshore wind industry

At the end of the meeting, the following have been confirmed ;
- Establishing the grand design specifying critical path to the goal is vitally important to achieve the aim of the Council.
- Task items shall be surely carried out one by one toward the goal.

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ー 第2回 洋上風力の産業競争力強化に向けた官民協議会 (in Japanese)

- Attendees besides Ministers (in Japanese)

ー "Offshore Wind Industry Vision (1st version draft)" (in Japanese)

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- "Vision for Offshore Wind Power Industry(1st)” (in English, official translation)

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