Japan announced 4 Offshore Wind Promoting Zone

Japan announced 4 Offshore Wind Promoting Zone

Japanese government (METI& MLIT) has announced 4 Offshore Wind Promoting Zone for FY2020.
(It is for the auction for the "General Common Sea Area".)

今年度の整理を行いました。(7月3日)(in Japanese) on 3 July 2020

 * The followings are nominated as "Offshore Wind Promoting Zone "
ready for organizing local resident council.
- Japan Sea (North) at Aomori Pref. 青森県沖日本海(北側)
- Japan Sea (South) at Aomori Pref. 青森県沖日本海(南側)
- Happou-cho & Noshiro-city at Akita Pref. 秋田県八峰町及び能代市沖
- Enoshina of Saikai-city at Nagasaki Pref. 長崎県西海市江島沖
* As for Urihonjo-city at Akita Pref. 秋田県由利本荘沖,
  we will divide it into 2 zones for competition.
These 2 zones will be nominated at the same time in near future.

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【Local Japanese Newspaper】
八峰・能代沖、洋上風力整備の「有望区域」に 国が選定(in Japanese)
on 4 July by Sakigake Shinpou

【Articles in English】
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on 9 July by Wiindpower Monthly

Note: METI&MLIT have nominated Goto-city at Nagasaki Pref. in Dec.2019,
and started Auction for it since 24 June 2020.