Japan has 5th floating offshore wind turbine. NEDO’s 2 bladed 3MW at at Kitakyushu.

Japan has 5th floating offshore wind turbine. NEDO’s 2 bladed 3MW at at Kitakyushu.

(Photos are taken by JWPA)

A new 3MW floating offshore wind turbine has officially start operation at 15km offshore from Kitakyushu port in Fukuoka pref. on 21 May 2019.
It was developed by Japanese NEDO(New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) and its Consortium group(Marubeni, Hitz, Glocal, Eco Power, Tokyo University, Kyuden Mirai Energy). They holds opening ceremony and site visiting boat tour at Kitakyushu on 21 May.
It is 5th full large scale floating wind turbine in Japan, and is 14th floating wind turbine (including decommissioned WindFloat) in the world.

The world latest technologies are applied for this new floating wind turbine.
- Super light weight 2 bladed wind turbine (German Aerodyn's SCD 3MW :Super Compact Drive, upwind, ∮100m)
- Barge type steel floater with dumping moonpool designed by French IDEOL.

It was made, installed and moored in 2018.

Ref: NEDO's new floating 2 bladed wind turbine completed at Kitakyushu port, on 10 Aug. 2018

【NEDO's press release】
 ―バージ型として国内初、低コストの発電システム技術の確立を目指す― (in Japanese)

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