NEDO’s new floating 2 bladed wind turbine completed at Kitakyushu port

NEDO's new floating 2 bladed wind turbine completed at Kitakyushu port

(Photo is taken by JWPA)

Rev. The floating turbine has been anchored 15km offshore from Kitakyushu city and under commissioning work.
NEDO will announce the official start operation soon. On 24 Sep. 2018

Japanese NEDO(New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) and its Consortium group(Marubeni, Hitz, Glocal, Eco Power, Tokyo University, Kyuden Mirai Energy) has completed the next generation floating offshore wind turbine and held exhibition for press reporters on 10 Aug. 2018 at Kitakyushu port.

The world latest technologies are applied for this new floating wind turbine.
- Super light weight 2 bladed wind turbine (German Aerodyn's SCD 3MW :Super Compact Drive, upwind, ∮100m)
- Moonpool barge type steel floater designed by French IDEOL.

The floater was made by Hitz at its Sakai dockyard in Osaka. Then it was carried to Kitakyushu through Setonaikai sea in late June.
Then, tower & wind turbine were installed on the floater at Kitakyushu port for July and early August.
(The hub height (72m) is taller than the height under the bridge girders at Setonaikai Sea, therefore, we didn't install wind turbine at Sakai dockyard.)
It will set sail for anchor point (15km offshore) on 24 Aug, be anchored and start operation in Sep. 2018.

【NEDO's press release】

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