JWPA celebrates Global Wind Day in 2018

JWPA celebrates Global Wind Day in 2018

(Photos: courtesy of each event organizer)

The JWPA celebrates our 11th Wind Day, since the 1st off-European Wind Day at Yokohama in 2008.
The accumulated GWD events in Japan exceed 150 with over 10,000 participants.

We hold more than 20 events at Tokyo, Yokohama, Choshi, Akita, Kitakyushu, etc. in 2018.

At the beginning of 2018's event, Junior high students in O-Magari-Minami visited Akita port wind farm,
and took group photo in front of the semi-offshore 3MW Siemens turbine.

JWPA and the other 2 associations jointly held the wind power industry seminar in Tokyo on 8 June.
Mr. Masato Yamada, Chief Strategy Officer of MVOW, made a presentation in the seminar.

Yokohama city celebrates their 11th event on 9 June.
About 100 people (Citizen's families, children and parents) visited city owned 2MW turbine "Hamakaze".
The white tank in the bottom left of the photo storages hydrogen made by wind power.
It is used for fuel cell cars in Yokohama city and forklifts in neighbor Kawasaki city.

Noshiro city in Akita pref. holds several events such as, WTG visiting, Tower painting, Treasure hunting,
Quiz game, Festival stalls, Hero character performance, etc. on 17 June. Many families enjoy them.