Japanese METI has discussed renewable energy mass-introduction

Japanese METI has discussed renewable energy mass-introduction

Japanese government(METI) holds 5 study meetings for "renewable energy mass-introduction".

METI will assess Japan's long term energy supply & demand plan (energy mix plan) next spring. The main challenges include cost burden for tax & electricity fee payers, renewables cost reduction, grid connections and infrastructure for offshore wind power promotion.

5 open meetings were held on 25 May, 7 June, 14 June, 20 June and 4 July. MVOW executive and GE were invited for discussion at the meeting that took place on 14 June.

The conclusion summary is announced on 13 July as followsː
1. Achieve cost competitiveness
2. Independent(Graduate) from FIT
(1) Utilize market function (FIPːFeed-in Premium etc)
(2) New aspects of renewable energy (ZEBːNet Zero Energy building)
(3) Zoning for promoting renewable energies (Ex. European offshore wind power "central system")
3. Expand grid acceptance for renewable energies
(1) Maximum utilization of existing grid lines ("Connected & managed in Japan")
(2) Optimize the curtailment fairly
(3) Grid reinforcement (cost burden)
(4) Ensuring proper adjustment power

The conclusion summary of the meetings
再生可能エネルギーの大量導入時代における政策課題に関する研究会-これまでの論点整理 on 13 July 2017

METI holds ”Meeting for studying policy problems at renewable energy mass-introduction age”
「再生可能エネルギーの大量導入時代における政策課題に関する研究会」を開催します(in Japanese) on 19 May

Distributed materials at each meeting (No.1-No.5)
再生可能エネルギーの大量導入時代における政策課題に関する研究会(第1-5回)‐配布資料(in Japanese)