“Port and Harbor Law” has been modified to promote offshore wind power development in Japan

“Port and Harbor Law” has been modified to promote offshore wind power development in Japan

Japanese Ministry of land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MILT) intends to promote offshore wind power development and modifies “Port and Harbor Law” modification.
This modification proposal is approved by the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors in Japan on 13 May 2016.
This modification is bundled with the promotion of port abilities for sightseeing cruisers.

The new contents are as follows:
- To allow 20 years occupation of the designated water zone in the port area for developers
- To settle the bidding system of offshore wind power development in the port area

20 years is too short for the full business period (from research, construction to decommission). It is adopted as a compromise, since there are no experience for fixed term more than 20 years in Japanese law system. Developers can offer the occupation rights again. Therefore this restriction will not harm the projects.

Port area has a good infrastructure for construction and grid connection. Therefore, most of offshore wind power projects are planned in port area in Japan now.

 参議院 議案情報 平成28年5月13日現在 (in Japanese)

 「港湾法の一部を改正する法律案」を閣議決定 平成28年2月5日 国土交通省 (in Japanese)

MILT organizes specialists committee to settle the detail rules.
The first meeting is to be held on 19 May.

 5月17日 国土交通省 (in Japanese)