Wind Power Energy Resources and Mid/Long Term Target Ver4.3

Wind Power Energy Resources and Mid/Long Term Target Ver4.3

Since February 2008, when “Wind Power Long Term Target and Policy Advocacy towards the Target Achievement”, which includes three scenarios (Vision, Alternative, and Reference) was published, Japan Wind Power Association (JWPA) has been updating the target for wind power capacity and the road map, in accordance with more elaborate and sophisticated calculations of the energy resources and available energy.
(The past updates includes V1.1, V2.1, and V3.2)

Wind Power Mid/Long Term Target V4.3 has taken into account the latest market/political trends such as electricity system reform, commencement of a study of new installation and expansion of intra- and inter-regional transmission lines, and offshore wind demonstration projects, and is prepared on the assumption that a nationwide power system operation will be introduced.

The target has been set to have wind power supply being no less than 20% of the estimated power demand in FY2050 (“Power demand in 2050” is under Scenario A in “Japan Scenarios and Actions towards Low-Carbon Societies” in June 2008)

This new target(roadmap) is addressed by Mr. Nakamura who is the managing director of the JWPA at the Plenary session for Wind Energy at GRE2014 on 29 July held at Tokyo. Wind Power Mid/Long Term Target V4.3 and our presentation at GRE2014 are as follows; View the PDF