Energy PT Democratic Party

Energy PT Democratic Party

February 22, 2012
The 7th General Assembly of the Small Committee for the study of renewable energy in Energy PT Democratic Party was held on February 22, 2012.
At the 7th General Assembly, JWPA described the current status and challenges facing the promotion of the introduction of wind power generation.

①Meaningful introduction target in the medium and long term to be planned by the nation
②To secure business profitability
-Power buying in long term with reasonable tariff(FIT)
③Maintenance of infrastructure
-Urgent execution of measures for grid connection
④Speed-up of construction
-Relaxation of regulations and systems
⑤Promotion of technology development
-Execution of research, study and development

In particular, using FIT and deregulation as a concrete example, JWPA gave a brief description of their request. Shoichi Kondo, Chairman, Nobumori Otani Secretary-General and many of the members who participated, asked questions about the background, such as the introduction of medium-and long-term goal setting by JWPA, and JWPA explained the current and future status.