JWPA Cooperates with a Studay on Effects of Low-Frequency Sounds on People

JWPA Cooperates with a Studay on Effects of Low-Frequency Sounds on People

Press released on January 19.

Recently, the Ministry of the Environment announced a study from FY 2010 with the aim of clarifying the effects on people of low-frequency sounds produced by wind power generation and other sources.

JWPA and the Wind Power Development Association decided to cooperate with this study by providing wind speed and power data required for on-sight measurements. The study is expected to make it possible to judge whether the media reported concerns about low-frequency sounds from wind power generation are appropriate or not.

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The material released by JWPA in a hearing regarding the “Environmental Assessment System in the Future”, held on December 11, 2009, under the Comprehensive Policy on Environmental Assessment System Subcommittee, Central Environment Council:

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Review report by world authorities regarding wind turbine sounds and adverse effects on people’s health released by the American Wind Energy Association and Canadian Wind Energy Association (only executive summary and conclusion)
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