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NEDO's new floater set sail from Osaka/Sakai to Kitakyushu

NEDO's barge type floating body, "Hibiki" of a floating offshore wind power generation system for experiments was towed by the five tugboats in the Kanmon Strait. 
It left HITZ dockyard in Osaka on 20 June and arrived Kitakyushu on 25.
The Aerodyn’s 3 MW two bladed turbine will be installed on this floater at Kitakyushu in this summer.
And, it will be carried to 15 km offshore from Kitakyushu and start operation in Sep. 2018.

 Type: barge
 Yard: Hitachi Zosen Sakai Works
 Built: 2018
 Size: 51 m x 51 m
 Weight: 3,100 tons
 Draft: 7.5 m
 Filmed date: 2018/6/24
 Camera: Panasonic HC-VX980M 1080/60p
 WTG rated output: 3 MW

 HIBIKI - the next-generation floating wind power generation system

 New NEDO's floater completed at HITZ dockyard in Sakai, Osaka on 8 June, 2018
 ―今夏、北九州市沖に実証機設置へ― (in Japanese)