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Japanese METI has offered FIT price plan for coming 3 years.

The followings are officially offered by METI on 17 MAr. 2017.(in Japanese)

METI has offered FIT price plan for coming 3 years at its committee on 13 Dec. 2016..
It isn't final decision, but it is the baseline of final decision.
The public hearing shall be done and it will be finalized by Mar. 2017.

____________________:_ FY2016 ___ FY2017 ___ FY2018 ___ FY2019 _
Wind Power (20kW over) : 22JPY/kWh 21JPY/kWh 20JPY/kWh 19JPY/kWh
Wind Power (Replace----) : ------------ 18JPY/kWh 17JPY/kWh 16JPY/kWh
Wind Power (Offshore---) : 36JPY/kWh 36JPY/kWh 36JPY/kWh 36JPY/kWh
Wind Power (Small------) : 55JPY/kWh 55JPY/kWh 55JPY/kWh 55JPY/kWh

 調達価格等算定委員会(第28回)(in Japanese)

Meanwhile, the approval for FIT for wind power will be done at an earlier stage than before. Now FIT will be approved in the middle of the EIA process (2-3 years from project start).

These changes in the system can significantly improve the predictability of wind power business profitability in Japan.