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Installation Results at the End of 2010: World’s No. 1: China; Japan: No. 12

GWEC announced that global wind power installations reached 194.39 GW at the end of December 2010. (Installations in Japan were reported from JWPA to GEWC.)

China, which newly installed nearly one…
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Release of the 2009 Energy Sustainable Zone Estimates (Quick Estimation)

The Kurasaka Research Center at Chiba University and the NPO Institute for Sustainable Energy Politics in their joint study Energy Sustainable Zone, announced the present status and progress of the r…
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Cost of Wind Power Generation (Power Generation Cost)

The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) drafted a white paper on renewable energy technology generated by solar energy.

Regarding the cost of onshore wind power g…
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Life Cycle CO2 Emissions by Power Generation Method

Central Research institute of Electric Power Industry reviewed and announced the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted from power generation for the first time in 10 years.

This review is evalua…
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Long-Term Installation Goal on Wind Power Generation and Roadmap V2.1

Although JWPA announced the “Capacity and Potential of Wind Power Generation and an Estimate of the Long-Term Installation Goals and Roadmap Thereon Ver1. 1” on January 15, 2010, JWPA announces the V…
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Installation Results of Wind Power Generation in FY 2009: 2,186 MW, 1,683 Wind Turbines

Installation results in FY 2008 was posted on July 20, 2009, however, we inform you of the installation results in FY 2009 (according to JWPA).

Although the amount of installations in FY 2007 decr…
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Energy Master Plan Determined by the Cabinet on June 18

An Energy Master Plan indicating a direction of energy policy towards 2030 was adopted by the Cabinet on June 18.

According to the load map of Japan Wind Power Association, the goal is set to 27 G…
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Fifth Regular General Assembly held on May 26

With the consolidation of the Japan Wind Power Association and the Wind Power Development Association on April 1, adding new affiliated members, a new association, the Japan Wind Power Association (J…
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Subsequently Cooperate with a Study on the Effects of Low-Frequency Sounds on People

Press released on April 20.

The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) issued a press release titled Investigation Results of Noise and Low-Frequency Sounds Generated by Wind Power Facilities (FY 2009)…
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Global Wind Day 2009 Report Released


Global Wind Day 2009 Report

Various events are held for Global Wind Day throughout the world every year on June 15.

Events associated with Global Wind Day were held in various pla…
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